Treating our customers as they wish to be treated!

Years of honesty with our customers has not only given us a good name in the community, but also given us many lifelong friends. J & A's Auto Repair bases our business on our foundation in God and belief that an honest answer is always worth more than a buck.

J & A's Auto Repair is a full-service automotive center including tire sales, repairs, balancing and alignments serving the Klamath Falls area since 1994. Whether your need is as simple as an oil change, light bulb replacement or as great as an engine overhaul or replacement, J & A's Auto Repair can assist you. Feel free to call as at 541-850-9876 to set up an appointment to bring your vehicle in for service.



The benefits of coming to J & A's Auto Repair.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    Our mission is to make you happy. We want you to feel that you received top value from our services. We ask for your feedback with our quick online satisfaction survey after every job and immediately deal with any concerns.

  • AAA Approved

    We are a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop with 98% Customer Satisfaction rating on the AAA survey. (We're working hard to please the last few!) This means you can be assured of our shop meeting service quality standards set by the American Automobile Association.

    J&A's Auto Repair is the ONLY AAA Approved Auto Repair shop in Klamath Falls, OR. We are inspected by AAA on a regular basis and continue to exceed their requirements. This AAA rating is only given to top auto repair shops in Klamath Falls, OR.

    What is Approved Auto Repair?

    Approved Auto Repair is a AAA member benefit designed to help direct a member to a pre-screened reputable automobile repair facility for quality auto repairs. Approved Auto Repair shops sign agreements to provide reliable, high-quality service performed by ASE certified technicians, to perform free maintenance inspections for members who schedule service and to abide by AAA decisions in service disputes. More info about AAA.

    Your Benefit?

    How do you benefit from J&A's Auto Repair being a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop?

    • Assured satisfaction!
    • Not all auto repair shops are AAA Approved. In fact, fewer than 5% of all shops ever become a "AAA Approved Auto Repair" shop. To be approved the auto repair company must pass the AAA's very stringent requirements and inspections.
    • After Hours Emergency Service